Get a Healthy Start with a Cleanse Diet

It seems that everybody is taking on some new trend within the quest of being healthy. Some are turning to only organic foods, while others are eliminating sugars completely. Some are finding that a raw food diet can be quite fulfilling, while others give up meat and focus on vegetarian living. There is no one […]

Foot Detox Offers Healing Properties

Though a foot detox is a newer concept in most parts of the world, this concept has been around for years in Japan. This form of detoxification is perhaps less traditional than other methods, but the results are quite visible. As the foot detox has gained attention and popularity, a variety of different methods have […]

Foot Detox

Foot detox is a term that is making a stir in the marketplace. With all of the recent news and push towards detoxifying our bodies, more and more methods for detoxification are being developed. Foot detox is one area where new methods are becoming available on the market more often. These range from patches to […]

Fast Diet – Clearing Your Mind and Body

There are certain religions or cultures that focus their efforts around a regular fast diet. There are a variety of reasons why these diets exist within the beliefs and foundation of a certain religion or culture, but they ultimately center on a time of reflection. Whether you practice such a religion or live within a […]

Diet Cleanse for Weight Loss and Rejuvenation

If you can’t seem to make the numbers on the scale go down despite your best efforts, it may be time to go with something a bit more drastic. If you are additionally feeling like you’re always sick or run down, then it’s the perfect time for a diet cleanse. In this form of detoxification, […]

Detox Diet the Safe Way

Many people are looking for a quick way to drop some weight, and they often look to a diet detox for this purpose. Somewhere along the way this became a very popular method to drop some unwanted pounds, though a diet detox really started off and maintains a different purpose. The purpose of a diet […]

Colon Cleanse Diet – What is it?

Looking Inside of a Colon Cleanse Diet You hear all about various forms of detoxification and how great they can be for you, and all of that is true. However to the individual who knows nothing about this new and up and coming form of medicine and healthy living, it can be overwhelming and perhaps […]

Quick Tips on Staying Motivated to Exercise

The cold weather is settling in. It actually snowed in Texas this morning! Cold weather just makes you want to get a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in front of a warm fireplace. Come to think of it…cold weather just makes you want to curl up period. Despite the cold, it’s still important […]

What’s brown fat?

There’s good fat for us and bad fat for us. Brown is good, and white is bad. Some new research has been done, and it seems obese people may be lacking brown fat. Brown fat is what newborn babies have, and it helps keep us warm. Apparently, adults have it around their neck. Here’s the […]