Men Need a Facial Cleanser to Balance Face

All men need to consider using a different forms of soap for their face. The traditional bar soap gets the job done. But, that is not the only thing. Bar soap can actually cause your skin more harm then good. Bar soap strips away the skin that wants to stay young. Chemicals built in soap […]

7. Align Life’s Ultimate Body Cleanse

Align Life’s Ultimate Body Cleanse Review Overview: The Ultimate Body Cleanse is a detoxification program by AlignLife Nutraceuticals and includes a digestive/immune cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a toxic cleanse, and an Ultimate Body Cleanse Manual. The website lists all ingredients which contain a good amount of important anti-oxidants and nothing artificial. The product claims to be […]

Liver Cleanse

Before Taking Extreme Measures Try a Liver Cleanse It seems that medications have become mainstream for just about every ailment or health condition under the sun. The first answer that many patients and doctors alike have is to go on some form of medication. It matters not how severe the symptoms, but these medications are […]

Juice Detox to Restore Balance in Your Body

You’ve probably heard of a juice detox at some point in your life. Whether you’ve considered actually trying one, or heard about some celebrity trying it out, the concept of a juice detox has become rather mainstream. It’s important to understand the “ins and outs” of a juice detox before you try one out. This […]

How Natural Healing Can Change Your Life

Years back, you probably never considered much less even heard about natural healing. It’s not to say that it wasn’t a priority, but it just wasn’t a subject that was talked about or really looked into. Most of us went about our day, taking medication for our ailments and eating the foods that we wanted […]

How Fasting is Helpful for Health

Fasting Can be Helpful to Your Health We are conditioned to believe that fasting is bad for our health. Fasting as a form of weight loss is certainly off limits, because as we are taught a lack of eating can be bad for us. This is what leads to eating disorders, right? If fasting is […]

Herbal Tea and Weight Loss

Who hasn’t struggled with weight loss at one point in their life or another? Whether you’re looking for a way to drop the last stubborn ten pounds, trying to get your body back after a baby, or want to encompass some serious weight loss methods to get yourself healthy again, we’ve all looked for effective […]

Herbal Remedies – The New Wave of the Future

Many of us have maintained habits throughout our entire life that aren’t exactly healthy. We can plead that ignorance is bliss when it comes to the eating habits or the medication that we’ve popped, but times are changing. Many people are trying to figure out better ways to live, and what exactly it means to […]

Healthy Living with Cleansing

You eat right, you exercise, and you get plenty of rest. So why is it that you feel so rundown lately? How is it possible that you can’t seem to shake yet another cold? It may seem as though in spite of your best efforts you are always sick, always tired, or just not feeling […]