Staying Organic Despite the Price

Organic food is noticeably more expensive than buying regular groceries. Many people see eating organic as a status symbol and a sort of food elitist type of snobbery. But shopping at Whole Foods or other organic stores isn’t about looking eco-friendly as much as it is about quality and health.

Knowing your foods are free of pesticides and grown without any harm to animals is enough for many people to stick to eating organic. Even with economic times not being the best, the majority of consumers are refusing to cut costs when it comes to their food.

From Food Navigator USA:

Although 76 percent of consumers are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the food they buy regardless of price, nearly two thirds (65 percent) said they would like to be able to buy organic and natural foods within their budgets.

So we want healthy food, but we are still reasonable about it. What do the consumers do to help make up for the costs? Use coupons, shop for just the staples, and cook at home. Lean times doesn’t mean letting go of our food values, but rather shopping smarter and wiser about it.

Being organic to some is a way of life and though it may be a bit pricey to keep up with, it comes with a certain attitude as well. Those who want the healthiest opt for pesticide free foods. Not everyone’s budget may allow it, but it seems once you go organic you don’t go back.

What are your thought on eating organic? Do you regularly choose to buy organic over other food products?