Quick Tips on Staying Motivated to Exercise

The cold weather is settling in. It actually snowed in Texas this morning! Cold weather just makes you want to get a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in front of a warm fireplace. Come to think of it…cold weather just makes you want to curl up period.

Despite the cold, it’s still important to keep your fitness levels up. Some people enjoy a brisk early morning jog in the cool rain. I’m not one of those people, so I thought I’d share me quick tips on exercise motivation.

1. I try to leave a pair of work-out clothes and shoes in my car. The point is to make it as convenient as possible to get a work-out done. Easier something is to do, the chances are you’ll do it.

2. Stop thinking. When I think I don’t want to exercise, I stop thinking. I just put on my work-out clothes and head to the gym. The hassle it takes to do this alone will usually be enough for me to work-out.

3. I make my exercises work around my schedule.  It’s cold out! I don’t want to leave my house. Instead, I may just do some quick indoor exercises. Maybe I only do it for 10 minutes, but when it’s burst training that’s all you need.

4. I give myself a break.  I’ll let myself get away with an easier exercise. Sometimes I don’t feel like working hard. So I tell myself I’ll just do some cardio  like the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. It’s not ideal, but again, still better than nothing. I’m not trying to punish myself. I just want my body to be used to activity and feel healthy.

5. I reward myself – but not with food! My friend Rachel uses funny shows to get herself to get on the treadmill. Watch TV and work-out..not a bad idea.  I like to take an enjoyable activity (say taking a nice hot bath) and plan it for after a work-out. It helps me look forward to something.

So those are a few of my tips. Feel free to add any of your own ideas. Cheers!