Probiotics help weight loss?

Probiotics are microorganisms that help your body maintain its balance by supporting healthy bacteria. These little organismas live in our gut and intestines.  Theycan be found in supplement form at your local health store, and most nutritionists and doctors agree that these supplements can be quite good for your system. An article from Yahoo! Health also claims it may help in weight loss.

Research from the Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Hospital and Clinics suggest that probiotics may help us to lose weight. After studying extremely obese patients who had undergone gastric-bypass surgery, it seems these supplements helped the patients lose additional weight.

Gut bacteria varies from person to person, and it may be possible that an obese person’s gut bacteria makes them more prone to obesity.  So bad bacteria may be to blame. What does a probiotic do? Promote good bacteria.

Health supplements aren’t the only way to receive a good dose of this bacteria, probiotics can also be found in yogurt. Go for yogurts with little to no sugar if possible. Eating healthy fibers, fresh fruits, and vegetables can also help the balance of bacteria in your intestines.

So although these probiotics may help keep us lean, they will not replace a healthy diet with a good dose of exercise. To read more about the article.