6. Enzymatic Therapy’s Whole Body Cleanse

Enzymatic Therapy’s Whole Body Cleanse Review

Overview: The Whole Body Cleanse eliminates toxins in the entire body from the liver, intestines, gall bladder, lymphatic, and circulatory systems.  The cleanse prevents re-absorption of toxins through the use of fiber.  In order to help rejuvenate the body, it also includes a Laxative Formula and Milk Thistle to continue to push toxins out. The cleanse is two weeks and contains detailed instructions guiding cleansers through the process. It is fairly simple and recommended that cleansers adhere to a healthy diet when on it. The cleansing kit is a variety of tablets and capsules to be taken at various times throughout the day with plenty of water.
Advantages: The product price is very reasonable and won’t break the bank. All ingredients are natural, and it does not contain sugar, artificial additives, or other ingredients with a high-allergen profile. It is only a 2 week cleanse and claims to be gentle and safe.

Disadvantages: From reviews on independent sites, the Whole Body Cleanse has had mixed reactions. Some claim that it is nothing more than a laxative while others claim it helped clear their IBS symptoms. Results have varied. It lacks other supplements which support the vital organs in the detoxification process and seems to only focus on cleansing. Two weeks is a short amount of time, and so it is questionable if it can give the complete benefits of a whole body cleanse.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 2 weeks

Price: $29. 95

*Bonus: Website offers $3 off coupon for purchases over $9.95

Guarantee: None. Returns are only offered for unopened and sealed products.

Verdict: The website is not as informative as other cleansing products and could go into more detail about the ingredients and reasons for use. It is a well-known product, but only about half are positive. Although the kit is quite inexpensive, it lacks the comprehensiveness of other kits and does not offer any guarantee. The Whole Body Cleanse is priced on the lower end of the cleaning product scale, but its quality and effectiveness may suffer for it.

5. Puristat’s Colon and Liver Cleanse

Puristat’s Colon and Liver Cleanse Review

Overview: This body cleanse, from Abbot Industries, comes in 3 different variations: mild, moderate, and advanced. For those who have never cleansed before, the mild option consists of a 21 Day Colon/Liver Cleanse, 30-Days Digestive Enzymes, 30-Days Probiotics, and 30-Days Digestive Nutrients. Moderate holds the same supplements but the colon/liver cleanse is extended to 28 days. At the advanced level, the colon/liver cleanse lasts 35 days. The products comes in the form of vitamins or capsules with no drinks or powder mixes. All ingredients are natural and listed on the Puristat website. Purchase of the product also includes additional RRN nurse support, dietary directions, a dietary fiber chart, and Top 10 digestion tips.

Advantages: The website gives thorough information on product ingredients and aims to educate the customer on colon cleansing. The product includes probiotics which is a step above other kits and good for the support of healthy bacteria in the body. Puristat is a well-known brand and offers 100% money back guarantee.
Disadvantages: The colon cleanser contains Cascara Sagrada which is not suitable for all. The reviews from independent sites have been positive in terms of the colon cleanse, but not many reviews on the colon and liver cleanse combination can be found.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 21-35 Days
Price: $114.95 – $154.95
*Bonus: None
Guarantee: 45 Day Guarantee

Verdict: The Puristat website is informative and offers testimonials. Although it states that its main purpose is to help detoxify and cleanse the system, many of the testimonials have also reported weight loss. The colon and liver cleansing kit contains not only cascara sagrada, but also buckthorn and rhubarb root with no warning label. These herbs are not suitable for all and can have adverse reactions if used for a prolonged amount of time. Puristat also recommends cleansing the colon, the liver, and then the colon again which seems a bit aggressive for an internal cleansing and unnecessary. When using the product, it is hard to distinguish the supplements and vitamins from those that can be bought at a health store. It is not clear if Puristat’s vitamins and capsules provide more health and anti-oxidant support than general supplements. Overall, Puristat seems to offer fair quality products with positive reviews.

4. Clean Start by Nature’s Sunshine

Clean Start by Nature’s Sunshine Review

Overview: This is a two-week colon cleanse which helps the body eliminate natural waste and increase energy. The product comes in 28 daily drink packets and 28 capsules each to be taken twice a day for a total of 14 days. Previous clients have given honest reviews claiming it’s effectiveness but also referring to the lag in energy one can experience in the first 5 days.  After the first week, energy can pick up again. Ingredients in the drink packet are psyllium hulls,  bentonite clay, aloe vera juice, chlorophyll, potassium, and stevia. The supplements contain a high amount of fiber to help in waste elimination and toxin removal.

Advantages: The product is moderately priced and reviews, although not provided on the website, seem authentic. Satisfied customers have noticed less bloating and constipation after use.
Disadvantages: The cleanse contains cascara sagrada, a natural laxative that can be upsetting to some people’s digestive system. This herb is used to help stimulate to colon to have a bowel movement rather then letting the body naturally do it on its own, and is not recommended for prolonged use.
Length of Time of Cleanse: 2 weeks
Price: $68. 95
*Bonus: None
Guarantee: up to 100% money back guarantee for dissatisfied customers

Verdict: The website provides little information in terms of testimonials and ingredient explanations. Its lack of information and inclusion of herbs which can be harmful if not used properly such as cascara sagrada makes it a product that needs thorough research before purchasing. The Clean Start kit only focuses on colon cleansing and  does not provide a whole body detox.  Additional supplements must be purchased to gain maximum health benefits from a full body cleanse.  Overall, Nature’s Sunshine’s Clean Start is an average colon cleanser and does not offer anything outstanding in comparison to other cleanse kits.

3. Dr. Natura’s Colonix and Toxinout

Dr. Natura’s Colonix and Toxinout Kit Review

Overview: This is a long-term cleanse and meant to be a slow process. Through healthy diet and supplements, Dr. Natura’s Colonix aims to rid the colon of years of toxic build-up. The colon cleanse is the first step in whole body detoxification and includes fiber supplements, detoxifying herb capsules, and herbal tea to help with regularity. Toxinout is to be used after the colon cleanse and includes liver detox support, supplements which have anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and green phytofoods, as well as a probiotic supplement. These three supplements together help to remove toxins out of the body’s other vital organs and aid in the detoxification process. Toxinout is meant to be used long-term and on a daily basis.

Advantages: The two kits combined provide for a comprehensive detoxification package. Also, Dr. Natura’s Colonix kit has the most testimonials, reviews, and public forum discussions of all other colon or body cleanse products making it a respected and known brand.
Disadvantages: Reviews about the taste of the fiber supplement in the Colonix kit have been negative and customers find it at times to be clumpy and hard to swallow. The whole cleansing process can be very slow and take a few months.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 1-3 months for Colonix, Up to 6 months or longer for Toxinout
Price: $140.80 ($88 for Colonix Kit and $52.80 for Toxinout kit)
*Bonus: The more Colonix Kits purchased at one time, then the larger the discount. Buy 2 kits for $69.00, and 3 kits for $59.00.
Guarantee: 60 Day Guarantee

Verdict: Dr. Natura is a very well-known name when it comes to colon cleanses and offers thousands of testimonials on its products. Its website also offers graphic images of “mucoid plaque” strewn across toilets, but again, the validity of such a substance existing and harming our bodies has never been proven by doctors. One of the key ingredients in the colon cleanse is Metamucil which causes a congealing effect in the body and is meant to pull at the walls of our colon to help eliminate toxins. It is possible to have the same snake-looking waste come out of our bodies from using this cleanse, but it is not proven that this is indeed from years of build-up in our system or from the product itself. The 2 kits together do offer great anti-oxidant and supplement supports, and so can still be beneficial for health. Just take note that the gunk exiting your body may not have actually been existing there in the first place.

2. Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit

Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit Review

Overview: The Internal Cleansing Kit includes 13 quality herbal formulas, an in-depth Users Guide and Dosage Calendar, and other accessories such as a Jar Shaker to help in the cleansing process. All products are organic and free from artificial ingredients.  This is meant to be the second part in a whole body cleanse and followed after the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit.  The main aim of this kit is to detoxify the intestines, liver, lungs, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph, blood, and skin. The cleanse includes probiotics which helps to balance the body by adding good bacteria to you system. It also adds anti-oxidants to help in the detoxifying process.

Advantages: The internal cleansing kit is comprehensive and aims to rejuvenate the entire body after a colon cleanse. It provides several herbs and remedies to aid in the process.
Disadvantages: The kit is very complex with specific instructions and resembles an apothecary set. It may be difficult to follow a cleanse without much interference to daily activities, and in order to do a complete body cleanse, the colon cleanse kit and internal cleanse kit is needed. Fasting is also recommended for the colon cleansing kit which can be very difficult for most.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 24 days for Internal Cleanse, 9 Days for Colon Cleanse
Price: $275.00
*Bonus: With a purchase of the Internal Cleansing Kit, Blessed Herbs is offering its 9 Day Colon Cleanse Kit for free which is valued at $89.50.
Guarantee: 90 Day Guarantee.

Verdict: Blessed Herbs is a family-run business and its website gives off very clear and informative facts on how to cleanse as well as how its products’ ingredients aid in the process. Testimonials on its website gives positive reviews provided with graphic images of waste and “mucoid plaque”. Please note the existence of mucoid plaque has not been confirmed by medical practitioners as legitimate.  The cleanse does use bentonite clay which is absorbent and expandable. With the use of psyllium, another ingredient in the cleanse kit, it can form a rubbery looking cast of the intestines, and thus stringy, long stools can result from use of the products (and as seen in pictures on the website).  The kit is a bit pricey and very complex to follow. Blessed Herbs is good for those who have time and dedication to complete both cleansing kits as well as an interest in using a variety of wild herbs as a natural remedy. For those looking to do an easy to follow kit without the mess of “mucoid plaque”, Blessed Herbs may not be the best choice.

1. George’s 21 Day Body Makeover

George DeJohn’s 21 Day Full Body Cleanse Review

Overview: The 21 Day Body Cleanse includes World’s Best Protein, Skinny Powder, Live Green, Power Cleanse, and a detailed eating protocol with downloadable instructions. These powders and supplements supply extra nutrients to the body during the cleanse. The program provides a detailed protocol of foods which those who are detoxing are allowed to eat and encourages no meal skipping. During the time of the cleanse, clients are allowed to contact George DeJohn or his personal doctors via e-mail for questions and are promised fast response. Those who have completed the cleanse have named health benefits of better sleep, fat loss, and increased sustained energy.

Advantages: The full body cleanse is comprehensive and contains several amino acids such as L-Cysteine and L-Glutathione which are known to help build powerful anti-oxidants and support the vital organs in detoxification. The cleansing kit is the only one to offer a whey protein supplement which aids in building lean muscle mass and has a lower allergenic profile than either rice or soy. The detox is also the only one to include chelated minerals, milk thistle, amino acids, and Vitamin B all in one cleanse kit.
Disadvantages: The Skinny Powder cannot be sold separately for those who want to use it as an extra dietary fiber supplement.

Length of Time of Cleanse: only 21 Days
Price: $275.00
*Bonus: Buy the 21 Day Full Body Cleanse and receive the 30 Day Ultimate Fat Loss kit for half the price saving $78.45
Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee make sure to mention this site

Verdict: The website provides detailed information on the products ingredients and importance on the cleanse as well as offer several written and audio testimonials. Information on the ingredients is very informative and clear compared to other sites. Reviews have been extraordinarily positive and many have claimed dramatic weight loss although the product emphasizes the real purpose is optimal health.  The kit is all inclusive and includes high quality ingredients that are all organic and natural with no artificial additives. On the downside, the kit is on the higher end of the price scale but  offer high quality sizable benefits and a guarantee in return.

Can’t Sleep?

What is the worst case scenario?

You have anxiety about work, your boss is being secretive and you’re starting to sense that job security isn’t so secure.

Or, your spouse is tired all the time – you are too – but . . .

There are so many reasons you may not be getting healthful sleep. And then what happens? You get less sleep and you get anxious about getting too little sleep.

The problem gets exacerbated. It’s not your fault, you need to get more rest!

How do you get more rest though when you have very real challenges?

Did you know that what you eat plays into your sleep pattern?

Sure, you might know that a coffee before bed isn’t the best idea for you, but what about the pasta or the steak? Does it matter when you eat those? Does digestion affect your sleep?

It sure does!

Surprised? I was too!

Here’s a quick clip from George DeJohn (International Health and Fitness radio program) and Dr. Webster sleep.

Did you hear the part when they mentioned wrinkles?

Not only were you anxious because you can’t sleep but now you have to worry about more wrinkles!

You can’t win like this….

George mentions cleansing and Dr. Webster is a big fan of burst training. The two together will having you sleeping like a baby in no time.