Colon Cleanse Diet – What is it?

Looking Inside of a Colon Cleanse Diet

You hear all about various forms of detoxification and how great they can be for you, and all of that is true. However to the individual who knows nothing about this new and up and coming form of medicine and healthy living, it can be overwhelming and perhaps even a little intimidating. One of the more popular methods of detoxification is a colon cleanse diet. There are various forms of this diet out there, and they all work in the same way. The colon cleanse diet is a very regimented regimen that works in a highly effective manner. Over the course of several days or even up to a month, certain foods and substances are eliminated and replaced with powerful beverages. It can be helpful to look inside exactly how a colon cleanse diet really works.

So Which Method Should I Go With?

Though they all work in pretty much the same manner,  there are many different forms of the colon cleanse diet out there. Some work by using fresh and natural raw fruit and vegetable juices as the only supplement for a period of several days. Other colon cleanse diet programs work by drinking a mixture of homemade “lemonade” which includes water, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. There are other forms of this diet that utilize the acai berry which has now been touted as the most effective natural cleanser and weight loss supplements out there. Amongst all of these are many different forms of pills, liquids, and powders that offer some sort of combination of all of these and surely come with a guarantee about the results. So where do you start?

All of these colon cleansing diet programs work in some capacity, and they all offer about the same results. You have to decide which one is for you and which colon cleanse diet is realistic for your lifestyle. If you can’t go without solid foods for a period of a month, then focus on one that is shorter in length but still offers effective results. If you can’t stomach any sort of spice, then perhaps try a different method than the one which includes cayenne pepper. There is truly a colon cleanse diet for everyone, and it should be a method of natural healing and medicine that is tried out at least once. The results are amazing, and therefore it’s important to focus on the program that is truly right for you and your needs.

Understand How It Really Works

Any form of a colon cleanse diet works by eliminating not only solid foods, but potential sources of toxins as well. Getting rid of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and artificial sweeteners for a period of several days is not only healthy, but just a good idea. So as these substances are eliminated, so too are meats, eggs, dairy products, fat, and most solid foods. The point is that the body and all of its organs need to relax and this allows them to do so. As the solid foods are replaced by whichever method of a colon cleanse diet works for you, the toxins are pulled out and removed from the body. This can result in some side effects such as feeling lightheaded, tired, or even nauseas. In the end though, the results far outweigh the sacrifices and the colon cleanse diet used will leave the person feeling healthier and full of energy.

The only surefire way to get rid of the toxins is to perform some type of colon cleanse diet. This is an especially important method of detoxification, because the reality is that many of the toxins that build up within the body tend to do so in this area. If you take the time to remove the sources of toxins, cut out solid foods, and really focus on what you eat and how you eat, you will find that you are more in tune and more willing to lead a healthier lifestyle. All of this works through a proper colon cleanse diet, and the results are far reaching. There’s a reason that so many people come back to this form of natural healing, because they like what it does for their body and their health.

Adding Perspective to Your Life with Natural Cleansing

Looking for insight?

Have you ever stopped to take a long hard look at your daily routine? Have you ever really kept a journal for the foods that you eat and how you eat them? If you haven’t done so, this can offer you some great insight and perhaps even force you to make some drastic changes. Perhaps for example, you have made the switch to margarine as a tool in your weight loss efforts. Did you know that this is not only unnatural but also unhealthy and may very well be the source of many toxins building up within your body. If you have never considered performing some form of natural cleansing, then it may be high time.

Take a Long Hard Look Even if it’s Difficult

If you have never really inspected certain foods that you eat or the way in which you eat them, then performing a natural cleansing of some sort can allow you to do so. When you perform a natural cleansing, you are literally detoxifying your body. You are pushing out and eliminating the toxins, chemicals, and perhaps even parasites that have built up over time within your body. Did you ever stop to think about what artificial sweeteners may be doing to your body and how it works? If you never wanted to do that, then what you find after performing a natural cleansing may force you to do so. It can be pretty gross to see what toxins come out looking like, and then to think that this all existed and breaded within you is a lot for some people to handle.

A natural cleansing can be quite eye opening to some, because they don’t necessarily think that they have bad habits. They may think that by eating diet foods or  replacing meals with caffeine helps them to achieve the ideal weight. Others may think that eating processed foods is convenient for them, or that artificial sweeteners still allow them the luxury of enjoying their favorite treats but with a fraction of the calories. While this all may be true, after performing a natural cleansing and seeing what comes out of them, they will very often change their ways. It is just that intense, because in reality most of us don’t realize or care to realize what lurks within us.

Try it Out but Beware of the Results

So you’ve always been curious about natural cleansing, but perhaps were intimidated. Maybe you think that you already lead a healthy lifestyle and that a natural cleansing won’t help you that much. Be prepared! Even the healthiest individual can be amazed at what a natural cleansing can produce. It may be gross to some or hard to take, but it can also be an opportunity for you to consider what may have contributed to it. Maybe it’s time to go back to natural healthy eating and get rid of the artificial foods. Maybe it’s time to cook healthy meals rather than turning to the processed foods of convenience. Using a natural cleansing to change your ways can work quite well, and perhaps the next time you perform one you just might find that the results are a bit less shocking.

Quick Tips on Staying Motivated to Exercise

The cold weather is settling in. It actually snowed in Texas this morning! Cold weather just makes you want to get a cup of hot cocoa and curl up in front of a warm fireplace. Come to think of it…cold weather just makes you want to curl up period.

Despite the cold, it’s still important to keep your fitness levels up. Some people enjoy a brisk early morning jog in the cool rain. I’m not one of those people, so I thought I’d share me quick tips on exercise motivation.

1. I try to leave a pair of work-out clothes and shoes in my car. The point is to make it as convenient as possible to get a work-out done. Easier something is to do, the chances are you’ll do it.

2. Stop thinking. When I think I don’t want to exercise, I stop thinking. I just put on my work-out clothes and head to the gym. The hassle it takes to do this alone will usually be enough for me to work-out.

3. I make my exercises work around my schedule.  It’s cold out! I don’t want to leave my house. Instead, I may just do some quick indoor exercises. Maybe I only do it for 10 minutes, but when it’s burst training that’s all you need.

4. I give myself a break.  I’ll let myself get away with an easier exercise. Sometimes I don’t feel like working hard. So I tell myself I’ll just do some cardio  like the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. It’s not ideal, but again, still better than nothing. I’m not trying to punish myself. I just want my body to be used to activity and feel healthy.

5. I reward myself – but not with food! My friend Rachel uses funny shows to get herself to get on the treadmill. Watch TV and work-out..not a bad idea.  I like to take an enjoyable activity (say taking a nice hot bath) and plan it for after a work-out. It helps me look forward to something.

So those are a few of my tips. Feel free to add any of your own ideas. Cheers!

Do you need to cleanse parasites away?

If you’ve ever researched for a body cleanse, you may have come across the statistic that 85% of people have parasites whether they realize it or not. The solution? A whole body cleanse to get rid of these harmful microorganisms hiding out in your intestines and guts.

Sound frightening? Or maybe it just sounds plain fake.

It does hold some truth to it. Dust mites are considered parasites. They are everywhere, but they aren’t harmful. What they do is actually eat the dead skin off you, like parasitic exfoliators. I know that doesn’t sound too lovely, but it’s along the same lines of  good bacteria and bad bacteria.

There are harmful parasites and harmless parasites. If you had a BAD parasite, you would probably know. Symptoms can include diarrhea, a voracious appetite, yellowish, skin, and so forth. My friend went to Mexico and got a parasite. The solution?  A week of antibiotics.

You can body cleanse away parasites too, but just don’t fret and think you are infested by them. There is a threat of parasites, but it’s mainly in developing countries that there is a problem. If you still think you may have one, go to a doctor and he will diagnose.

Look at the CDC website. People asked if labs in America can test for parasites. The majority of them can.

Want to know more about the harmless parasites? There’s one called the tooth amoeba. In small numbers they are harmless and can be helpful. They eat unwanted food particles between our teeth. You can read about it here. BE WARNED! Though it’s not harmful, it can still make you feel uncomfortable thinking about it. I just skimmed it because I started getting squeamish.

When it comes down to it, doing a body cleanse can be a great thing for your health. Doing it to get rid of parasites may not be the best idea. If you have a real parasite, see a doctor.

Should I Liver Detox if I drink a lot?

Considering a liver detox? Love to drink glasses and glasses of wine or beer?

It seems like the perfect solution.  Counteract the years of bad drinking by doing a liver detox. First, let’s get into the basics of what a liver detox is.

The liver is our body’s filter. It helps to break down harmful chemicals and toxins in our body. If it can break it down, transform it to something less harmful, or make us push it out through other channels (like going to the bathroom), then it gets stored in our liver.


Fatty liver doesn’t get it’s name from just aywhere. Sometimes these excess toxins gets put into fat which our liver also stores.

These fat stores don’t make us fat by adding extra pounds. These fat stores make it more difficult for our liver to function.

Our liver plays a key role in our metabolism and affects our weight management.

So a liver detox is to help our liver function better by getting rid of what is holding it back while adding some extra vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to support it in the process.

If you are a heavy drinker or drink often, a liver detox is a good start to treating your body right. But it’s not a quick fix, and if you go back to bad habits, then you aren’t helping yourself much.

If you do do a liver detox, try to use it as a stepping stone to taking better care of yourself. Doing one can be fairly simple, and you can find supplements to help at any health store. I suggest you do the research first. If you want to do one at home, there are juice recipes that can help revitalize your liver.

What’s brown fat?

There’s good fat for us and bad fat for us. Brown is good, and white is bad. Some new research has been done, and it seems obese people may be lacking brown fat.

Brown fat is what newborn babies have, and it helps keep us warm. Apparently, adults have it around their neck. Here’s the Article: Brown Fat and Obese People.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Brown adipose tissue is different from white fat pads. It contains loads of mitochondria, miniature power stations which among other things can ‘burn’ fat. In doing this, they normally generate a voltage similar to that of a battery, which then provides energy for cellular processes. However, the mitochondria of brown fat cells have a short circuit. They go full steam ahead all the time. The energy released when the fat is broken down is released as heat.” – Science Daily

Another great thing about this fat is that is helps raise our basal metabolic rate by 20%. It heats up more than white fat, and so is better for us. Obese people may be lacking this.

I’ve been doing a lot of obese reasearch lately, and there always seems to be a scientific explanation of why people are obese. Their bodies lack certain bacteria, it’s something in the hypothalamus, or they don’t have enough brown fat.

I wonder if having a bad diet and lack of exercise can lead to some of these imbalances in the body. I do believe that genes play a large role. I’d like to see  a study of a random cross sampling of obese people, and have their lifestlye analyzed in addition to what the research has found.

Do genes really play that huge of a role in our weight levels?

Detox to Break Your Food Addictions

Some of us drool over the thought of a hot, chocolate lava cake and a scoop of ice cream while others are more inclined to push it aside for a plate of fries or a steak.  In general, unhealthy, high-fat, high-sugar, or high-sodium foods can be addicting and quite delicious. The more we eat these foods, the more our dependency on them grows. Our body learns to crave bad things which makes living a healthy lifestyle that much harder.

I came across a blog – -that offers suggestions on ways which we can curb our sugar addiction. Although it is geared to those with a sweet tooth, its advice can be used for any negative food habits.

10 Ways to Break Your Sugar Addiction

1. Add self care. Instead of using food or sugar to fill something in your life, turn to another positive activity that will give you a more fulfilling experience. Try knitting over snacking in front of the TV.

2. Keep your blood sugar stable. Eat healthy foods and don’t skip breakfast. Try eating before your blood sugar levels drop and foods rich in fiber will keep you full longer. Don’t let yourself get too hungry so that you make bad diet decisions. (I am so guilty of doing this!)

3. Treat yourself like you’re in detox. Cut out as many bad foods for you as possible. Drink lots of water.

4. Don’t focus on weight loss. Focus on breaking your food bad food habits and making better ones. Natural weight loss will most likely occur, but try not to lose your real focus.

5. Know your true value. You are not your addiction. Many people have sugar cravings or unhealthy habits, and it does not on the account of being lazy or irresponsible. There are several reasons that are complex on why we get addicted to foods.  Picture yourself free from sugar. Believe that you can live a life free from sugar addiction. Focus on healing; not on the problem.

6. Create a supportive environment. Find people who will help you stay on track. This may mean avoiding your drinking buddy for awhile. Fill your environment with healthy snacks.

7. Be a detective. Give yourself time to experiment. Use your body as a guinea pig: what foods make you feel good? What foods make you feel bad?

8. Give up fake sugars. Diet sodas that have aspartame, Nutrasweet,  or Splenda, and even low carb sugar products (protein bars that are “low sugar”) don’t quell sugar cravings, but increase them. A study at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio found that a person’s risk for obesity went up a whopping 41% for each daily can of Diet soda.

9. Just start over whenever you slip and fall. It’s hard not to get discouraged whenyou have a slip-up. Don’t let it snowball. Comntinue from that point and stay healthy.

10. Forgive yourself. We are all imperfect. If you have food issues, offer yourself self-acceptance.

These are some suggestions in which you can help guide yourself to better health. Breaking your food addiction through healthy habits and body cleansing foods is just one of many steps that can lead you to a happier, healthier you.

Juice Recipes for Body Cleansing

For those who are taking the path to optimal health, detoxing your body is often one of the best choices. But for those of us who want better health and are not quite ready to commit to a detox diet, some delicious juice recipes may be all we need!

Ginger and pear juices are known to have great detoxifying affects for the body. If you like something with a bite, a ginger juice might be for you. Cleanse juices are often delicious and an enjoyable experience. In addition, after the juices are made they come out as a vibrant color with a unique taste.

Here are some recipes from that you may enjoy:

Lemon Lime Ginger Ale

Ingredients: a handful of grapes,1 apple, cored and sliced, ½ inch fresh ginger,1/2 lime, 1/4 lemon, and
sparkling mineral water

Directions: Remove the grapes from the stem. Juice the apple and ginger together, then juice the rest of the fruit. Pour the juice in a large glass and fill to the top with sparkling water and serve with ice.

Gingered Apple Cider Juice

Ingredients: 1 inch piece of ginger, 3 apples or 1 cup of apple cider

Directions: Process through a juicer or blender and serve.

Not a big fan of ginger? It’s OK, we all can’t be. It has a strong  kick and can take getting used to. Try this pear juice below that may be the better choice for you.

Peach Pear Apple Juice Recipe

Ingredients: 1 apple, cored and sliced, 2 peaches, remove seed, 1 pear, sliced

Directions: Process through a juicer or blender and serve.

If you’re not finding the perfect juice for you, you can always try your own concoction.  pick the healthiest foods of your choice, slice, peel, remove seeds and everything in between – then stick it in a blender. Don’t add extra sugar to your drink! Try to keep it natural as possible and let your body feel the wonderful refreshing affects from it.

Staying Organic Despite the Price

Organic food is noticeably more expensive than buying regular groceries. Many people see eating organic as a status symbol and a sort of food elitist type of snobbery. But shopping at Whole Foods or other organic stores isn’t about looking eco-friendly as much as it is about quality and health.

Knowing your foods are free of pesticides and grown without any harm to animals is enough for many people to stick to eating organic. Even with economic times not being the best, the majority of consumers are refusing to cut costs when it comes to their food.

From Food Navigator USA:

Although 76 percent of consumers are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the food they buy regardless of price, nearly two thirds (65 percent) said they would like to be able to buy organic and natural foods within their budgets.

So we want healthy food, but we are still reasonable about it. What do the consumers do to help make up for the costs? Use coupons, shop for just the staples, and cook at home. Lean times doesn’t mean letting go of our food values, but rather shopping smarter and wiser about it.

Being organic to some is a way of life and though it may be a bit pricey to keep up with, it comes with a certain attitude as well. Those who want the healthiest opt for pesticide free foods. Not everyone’s budget may allow it, but it seems once you go organic you don’t go back.

What are your thought on eating organic? Do you regularly choose to buy organic over other food products?

Probiotics help weight loss?

Probiotics are microorganisms that help your body maintain its balance by supporting healthy bacteria. These little organismas live in our gut and intestines.  Theycan be found in supplement form at your local health store, and most nutritionists and doctors agree that these supplements can be quite good for your system. An article from Yahoo! Health also claims it may help in weight loss.

Research from the Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Hospital and Clinics suggest that probiotics may help us to lose weight. After studying extremely obese patients who had undergone gastric-bypass surgery, it seems these supplements helped the patients lose additional weight.

Gut bacteria varies from person to person, and it may be possible that an obese person’s gut bacteria makes them more prone to obesity.  So bad bacteria may be to blame. What does a probiotic do? Promote good bacteria.

Health supplements aren’t the only way to receive a good dose of this bacteria, probiotics can also be found in yogurt. Go for yogurts with little to no sugar if possible. Eating healthy fibers, fresh fruits, and vegetables can also help the balance of bacteria in your intestines.

So although these probiotics may help keep us lean, they will not replace a healthy diet with a good dose of exercise. To read more about the article.