Detox Diet the Safe Way

Many people are looking for a quick way to drop some weight, and they often look to a diet detox for this purpose. Somewhere along the way this became a very popular method to drop some unwanted pounds, though a diet detox really started off and maintains a different purpose. The purpose of a diet […]

Do you need to cleanse parasites away?

If you’ve ever researched for a body cleanse, you may have come across the statistic that 85% of people have parasites whether they realize it or not. The solution? A whole body cleanse to get rid of these harmful microorganisms hiding out in your intestines and guts. Sound frightening? Or maybe it just sounds plain […]

What’s brown fat?

There’s good fat for us and bad fat for us. Brown is good, and white is bad. Some new research has been done, and it seems obese people may be lacking brown fat. Brown fat is what newborn babies have, and it helps keep us warm. Apparently, adults have it around their neck. Here’s the […]

Staying Organic Despite the Price

Organic food is noticeably more expensive than buying regular groceries. Many people see eating organic as a status symbol and a sort of food elitist type of snobbery. But shopping at Whole Foods or other organic stores isn’t about looking eco-friendly as much as it is about quality and health. Knowing your foods are free […]