How to Do Oil Massage for Body at Home

Here are the instructions on how to make homemade oil massage for body at home from ingredients that are easy to find. You will feel relaxed and comfortable just like using the best services at a professional spa.

The meaning of homemade massage oil

After a long hectic day, what could be better than feeling immersed in the relaxing aroma of essential oils and enjoy the sensation of awakening the senses from head to toe? Massage oils not only give you a smooth, supple, and youthful skin, they also help to relax and circulate blood circulation.

How to Do Oil Massage for Body at Home

There are many types of best essential oils for massage on the market. But, making your own essential oils, with your own unique aromas, will be an extremely interesting experience. Everyone has a different taste in scents. So, not all of the following formulas are suitable for everyone. Be creative, and move slowly with small steps. Before mixing a new essential oil into the mixture, place a drop on a soft cloth, so that you can visualize the final product and sense it.

A prerequisite for preparing essential oils is that you must always be gentle with the mixture of essential oils. Shaking or stirring will easily destroy the delicate combination that creates the therapeutic effect of massage oils. When preparing natural oils, porcelain or glassware is always recommended. Plastic tools may also be used, but the solution should never come into contact with the metal during preparation.

Three steps to make your own massage oil at home

How to Do Oil Massage for Body at Home

Step 1: Choose a base oil

Choosing “base oil” is the first step in making your own massage oil. Base oils make up the bulk of the final product volume. These are extracted from a variety of plants.

Here are some suggestions for the best base oils for skin:

Almond oil : Almond oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and vitamin E. So, it has a very good moisturizing effect. Although it is suitable for all skin types, almond oil is often best suited for dry and sensitive skin.

Grape seed oil: With consistent brightness and gentle smell, grape seed oil creates a soothing and relaxing effect that makes it popular among therapists. The non-greasy and screeching grape seed oil is the most suitable balm for oily skin.

Jojoba oil: Not really essential oil, but actually a liquid wax, jojoba oil is also capable of moisturizing all skin types. Like grape seed oil, jojoba oil is not extracted directly from the seeds, so it is extremely suitable for sensitive skin.

Argan oil: Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of Argan fruit, a tree that grows only in North Africa and southwestern Morocco. These fruits contain high levels of essential fatty acids and phenols that are more effective against oxidation than olive oil. If you are looking for a multi-purpose hair care product, Argan oil is a great choice. It is one of the popular hair treatments at reputable salons.

Avocado oil: It contains vitamins A and vitamin D that are very good for the skin. Suitable for dry skin and the aging skin, Avocado oil is largely used for treating the skin with eczema or psoriasis. It helps to restore and regenerate skin that has got damaged due to sun exposure and/or environmental pollution.

Step 2: Choos pure essential oils to combine with base oi

Essential oils are quintessential, and each preparation uses only a few drops of essential oils. Because it is easily damaged by high temperatures or strong light, pure essential oils should be stored in glass jars in a cool and dry place.

The following are the most common essential oils in massage oil:

Rose essential oil: This oil has an anti-darkening, making it ideal for the skin with scars left. It is also good for moisturizing, nourishing, and protecting the skin.

Peppermint oil: This oil is known for offering mental stimulating effect, reducing headaches, and anti-inflammatory properties. Peppermint oil is very effective at improving blood circulation, reducing pain, reducing nasal congestion, and helping digestion very well.

Ylang ylang essential oil: The oil helps to moisture the skin and hair, reducing blood pressure, fighting bacteria, and fighting colds.

Jasmine essential oil: The oil has a feminine, sweet and pure scent. It helps to create deep and sound sleep, as well as to promote mental alertness.

Lavender essential oil: It is good for the acne treatment effect, balancing the skin, making you sleep well, fighting oil pain, and reduces blood pressure to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cramps.

Turmeric essential oil: It helps to prevent the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation marks, while offering smooth and youthful skin. It also heals wounds and restores skin damage.

Wind Melaleuca essential oil: This oil has a pleasant scent, and it works very well against colds among babies and children.

Sandalwood essential oil: Known for its warm aroma, sandalwood oil provides moisture to dry skin. It calms senses, offers mental clarity, and detoxifies the body.

Step 3: Blend essetial oil and base oil into massage oil

To prepare massage oils properly, you must first know the conversion rate of the essential oil to easily manipulate rich formulas online (1ml = 20 drops of pure essential oil, 1 teaspoon = 5ml, 1 oz = 30ml).

To start with, you should use a 2% formula, which means that pure essential oils make up 2% of the mixture. For example, with 30ml of base oil (600 drops of essential oil), you can add 12 drops of pure essential oil. And, choose the scent according to your preference.

Massage essential oils are classified into the main scents: floral scent, citrus scent, woody scents, and pungent aromas. The same essential oils are often combined together to produce the most harmonious scents. For starters, floral scents are always an easy way to combine. Here are a few suggestions for you:

– Flower scent : 20ml base oil of your choice, 3 drops of rose essential oil, 3 drops of jasmine essential oil and 3 drops of orchid essential oil.

– Spicy scent: 20ml of arbitrary background oil, 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil, 3 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil.

– Citrus scent: 20ml of your favorite background oil, 3 drops of grapefruit essential oil, 4 drops of orange essential oil, 3 drops of tangerine essential oil.

– Scent of wood: 20ml of base oil, 4 drops of sandalwood, 4 drops of rosewood, 2 drops of jasmine essential oil.

Popular massage oil formulas

* Warm spicy scent for a refreshing spirit: Cinnamon essential oil, orange, sandalwood, nutmeg, basil

5-6 drops cinnamon essential oil – the warm aroma of cinnamon creates a sense of excitement, helping The spirit is refreshing and also has bactericidal properties and slows down the aging process of the skin.

14-16 drops of orange essential oil – orange aroma for a refreshing and exhilarating feeling.

3-4 drops of basil essential oil – awakens the senses and has a soothing effect on wounds.

3-4 drops of nutmeg essential oil – This essential oil is often used to energize the body and mind, while reducing stress, creating a sense of relaxation and comfort.

* Sweet dreams for those who are often insomnia:

This essential oil combination was created to help you fall asleep easier. Just massage gently on both temples, behind the ears, wrists and soles of the feet 10 minutes before bed.

1-2 drops of tangerine essential oil – Fresh, relaxing and also effective for skin care.

12-14 drops of lavender essential oil – Lavender is known for its instant sensation, while lavender essential oil also acts as a natural antidote.

6-7 drops ylang ylang essential oil – This is a miracle cure for insomnia, helps reduce stress and blood pressure.

3-4 drops of sandalwood essential oil – Soothing, detoxifying and decongestant effect

2-3 drops of rose essential oil – Creates harmony for the fragrance of the above combination.

Notes when using homemade massage oil

– Ensure that essential oils and base oils are pure, should be purchased at reputable stores.

– Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight.

– Mix massage oils in the right ratio. Do not use too much pure essential oil will burn the skin.

– Do not massage the body for people with fever, acute dermatitis, burns, rashes, pustules; bleeding, skin bruises, varicose veins, fractures, infections …

– Before massage, should apply a little Oil (blended) into palm or crease of elbow. In about an hour, if the redness or burning sensation like a needle is detected, the oils may be used.

– Do not go out in the sun for 12 hours after applying massage oils. Especially when using oils with essential oils made of orange, tangerine, lemon, which are very sensitive to light.

After preparation, put each essential oil in a glass jar and keep in a cool place. A mixture of massage oil can be used for 3-6 months.