How Fasting is Helpful for Health

Fasting Can be Helpful to Your Health

We are conditioned to believe that fasting is bad for our health. Fasting as a form of weight loss is certainly off limits, because as we are taught a lack of eating can be bad for us. This is what leads to eating disorders, right? If fasting is done properly and performed as a method of healing the body along with weight loss, then it can be an extremely beneficial process. It’s important to consider what fasting really means and what the proper way to perform it is.

What is the Best Approach to Fasting?

Though it is not recommended to use fasting on a regular basis, if done properly it can be quite helpful. There are many weight loss products focused on suppressing the appetite and tricking the person into thinking that they aren’t hungry. This approach isn’t necessarily a good one, but the idea of fasting for weight loss and for proper healing of the body can be quite appropriate. Fasting in this sense is eliminating solid food from the diet for a period of time. When getting started with fasting, it can be a good idea to start out with a shorter period of a couple of days to see how your body reacts.

As you abstain from solid foods and replace them with fresh fruit and vegetable juices or even herbal teas and water, your body is taking this break to repair and heal itself. Additionally any toxins that have built up within the body are moving out, and this all contributes to feeling better. As you go through this fasting process, you are also losing weight and your appetite is shrinking. Simply avoiding food or going extensive periods without eating is not what fasting is or should be about, and that’s where so many weight loss products get it wrong.

Use the Time for Reflection

As you go through a period of medicinal fasting, think through the foods that you eat and the lifestyle that you lead. Take this time to truly reflect and consider what changes you need to make to feel better and get to an ideal weight. As your appetite shrinks as a result of this practice, this can be an excellent time to ask yourself if you are eating more than you really need to sustain yourself. Are you consuming too many calories or eating too many of the wrong foods? This time of fasting should not only bring about weight loss, but also a healthier feeling and outlook on eating in general.

We all need a certain amount of calories to survive; we need energy that is provided through food on a daily basis. However if we consider using fasting as a method by which to cleanse the body and focus on what and how we eat, this can provide some true insight to your routine. Rather than viewing fasting as a destructive behavior, it can be helpful to view it as the helpful detoxification process that it can and should be. Fasting can be incorporated with a body cleanse for best results, which will leave you feeling healthier and more energized than before. Though fasting shouldn’t be used as a regular fixture for weight loss, if performed properly it can help to cleanse and heal the body, and allow you to gain insight as to the appropriate way to lose weight.