Herbal Shampoo for Dandruff and Hair Loss

On the market today there are many types of shampoo, mostly cosmetic cosmetics shampoo. Although it brings a lot of convenience to users, if it is used for a long time and inappropriate, it suffers from hair loss and tangle. Many women look to natural shampoo products to improve their hair. With us learn how to wash your hair with herbs to reduce hair loss and have beautiful hair.



What causes premature hair loss and hair loss?

Currently, many women face hair loss and early gray hair. To overcome the situation, you have to find the cause of the situation.

Causes of premature gray hair condition:

According to many early silver hair studies due to many reasons such as:

  • Genetics
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Lots of sleep
  • Side effects of medications
  • Stress,…

An adult usually has an average of 100,000 hairs, each attached to the scalp with a root surrounded by follicles containing pigment cells to give hair black, yellow, red or brown. There are 2 types of pigment, eumelanin, is dark brown or black and pheomelanin is reddish yellow. This hair follicle produces pigmentation, so the color of the hair is determined by this hair follicle.

In hair sprout, there are pigment cells that produce melanin particles to create skin color and hair color. If there are many melanin in the epidermis cells, there are black pigments, the hair will be black and shiny; and vice versa. In many cases, the lack of nutrients in the blood and the hormones necessary for the body should cause premature gray hair. Other causes such as stress, pathology, side effects of drugs, etc. also cause premature gray hair.

There may also be a lack of nutrients and hormones necessary for the body to develop gray hair early. In addition, stress, disease, side effects of drugs… also cause hair to get premature.

Causes of hair loss:

Hair loss is a normal reaction of the body to effects such as fever, pregnancy, surgery, etc. Or it is a sign of a lack of substance or chemical imbalance:

  • Due to long time use chemical shampoo inappropriate.
  • Endocrine
  • Due to chemotherapy
  • Use a lot of western medicine
  • Poor diet
  • Pre-menopausal disease syndrome
  • Hair loss due to iron deficiency
  • Life has a lot of pressure and long-term stress
  • Constantly changing hairstyle, staining hair
  • Other causes: There are many other causes, such as frequent hair pulling, strong hair brushing, etc.

How to overcome the situation of premature hair loss and gray hair?

The cause of premature hair loss and gray hair is mentioned above, to overcome this situation, you can overcome the cause. In the case of small and negligible amounts of hair loss, you don’t need to worry too much.

When hair loss is high, the first thing you should look at is shampoo if industrial shampoo needs to be replaced with herbal shampoo to improve the condition. For one of the reasons hair loss, hair damage,… is the use of industrial shampoo.

In case of premature hair loss and gray hair due to genetic factors, nutrition: You need to supplement nutrients and activities to ensure health to improve the condition. On the outside, it is necessary to use natural shampoo, no chemicals to avoid damage to hair and scalp while helping to condition hair, prevent damage, help hair regrow automatically, smooth and shiny.

Natural herbal shampoo for effective hair loss

To improve the condition of hair loss effectively as well as to help care for healthy hair, you can apply the following ways:


Making tea with water is like drinking tea daily just like tea used to wash your hair. After shampooing with shampoo we use tea water as conditioner, rinse again helps to reduce hair loss effectively.


Pouring the spinach squeezed the water, using a cotton swab to soak the luscious vegetables on oily skin. Vegetable juice has the effect of stimulating hair to grow back

Pepper, lemon seeds

Mashed lemon seeds together with black pepper, mixed together. Add a little water to form a water-based mixture. Using this type of mixture on your scalp works to prevent hair breakage but instead the new curls are stronger.

Fresh sesame, rice water

Rice water is not only effective for treating hair loss, boiling fresh sesame with rice water, warming and shampooing. After dry hair, rinse with clean water, wash once a day.

Instructions for washing herbal hair properly

To help make hair strong and soft, limit hair loss and dry hair, many women now seek natural methods. Way helps you to improve your hair with natural and safe methods below:


Bodhi is used by women to wash their hair from the past until now, in the bodhi there is a natural cleanser that cleanses the hair. Using the dove, often baked in the aroma of the peanut to remove the poison, remove the seeds because the seeds make the hair hiss.

Grapefruit peel

The essential oil in the grapefruit peel has the effect of reducing hair breakage, making hair strong and shiny, reducing symptoms of dry and brittle hair easily in the fall.


Betel nut grass is smooth and reduces hair loss

Today’s modern life, the sisters are busy so they do not have time to cook herbal potions. Therefore, using filter bag shampoo is an effective solution.

Herb Shampooing to remove all the troubles! Because:

Giving off a shampoo is the first step to recommend for all hair loss and many Dandruff, because chemical detergents make the scalp lose natural protective lubricant and silky smoothness that clogs hair follicles. causing heavy hair loss.