Foot Detox

Foot detox is a term that is making a stir in the marketplace. With all of the recent news and push towards detoxifying our bodies, more and more methods for detoxification are being developed. Foot detox is one area where new methods are becoming available on the market more often.

These range from patches to foot soaks to machines that are designed to detoxify the body. Many people have seen these products and methods advertised, but may be wondering exactly what they do and if they actually work.

Let’s look at the foot spa machines first. These modern machines are based on ancient Japanese traditions. This was started approximately sixteen hundred years ago. The Japanese used to soak their feet in hot springs to obtain the results that we currently achieve with foot detox with a machine. Adding oils, herbs and other natural ingredients to the water helps to provide a variety of different benefits.

Research results on the power of machines that provide foot detox are both positive and negative. There seems to be some benefits, but other claims have not been able to be proven through research yet. It is known that soaking your feet in hot water can aid in circulation, ease stress and reduce tension and also help to alleviate some symptoms of illness.

Foot patches are becoming better known in recent times. There are infomercials, store displays and other ways that foot detox is being encouraged through the use of patches. These pads have an adhesive backing. They are designed to be used while you sleep to help detoxify your body and remove impurities. These pads are said to absorb toxins from the inside out and help cleanse the body. They have been designed based around Japanese trends and ancient practices and customs.

There is controversy surrounding how whether or not these patches work effectively for foot detox. Research is currently in the early stages and there is not a lot of concrete information available to say one way or the other.

Foot soaks can take on a variety of different meanings in terms of foot detox. There are many different ingredients used to make an effective soak. There are also differences of opinions and ideas about the benefits and results with foot soaks. There is little research that has been conducted regarding foot soaks for foot detox.

Many people believe that hot water has many healing benefits and that herbs have medicinal properties as well. However, it cannot be said for certain whether or not foot soaks will help to detoxify your body, but they should certainly feel relaxing!

It is important to get all the information that you can on foot detox to make an informed decision. By doing proper research and investigating products and methods before purchasing them or trying them out, you could save yourself time and money in the long run.

You can avoid the things that do not work and focus on those foot detox products that have documented proven results.