Do you need to cleanse parasites away?

If you’ve ever researched for a body cleanse, you may have come across the statistic that 85% of people have parasites whether they realize it or not. The solution? A whole body cleanse to get rid of these harmful microorganisms hiding out in your intestines and guts.

Sound frightening? Or maybe it just sounds plain fake.

It does hold some truth to it. Dust mites are considered parasites. They are everywhere, but they aren’t harmful. What they do is actually eat the dead skin off you, like parasitic exfoliators. I know that doesn’t sound too lovely, but it’s along the same lines of  good bacteria and bad bacteria.

There are harmful parasites and harmless parasites. If you had a BAD parasite, you would probably know. Symptoms can include diarrhea, a voracious appetite, yellowish, skin, and so forth. My friend went to Mexico and got a parasite. The solution?  A week of antibiotics.

You can body cleanse away parasites too, but just don’t fret and think you are infested by them. There is a threat of parasites, but it’s mainly in developing countries that there is a problem. If you still think you may have one, go to a doctor and he will diagnose.

Look at the CDC website. People asked if labs in America can test for parasites. The majority of them can.

Want to know more about the harmless parasites? There’s one called the tooth amoeba. In small numbers they are harmless and can be helpful. They eat unwanted food particles between our teeth. You can read about it here. BE WARNED! Though it’s not harmful, it can still make you feel uncomfortable thinking about it. I just skimmed it because I started getting squeamish.

When it comes down to it, doing a body cleanse can be a great thing for your health. Doing it to get rid of parasites may not be the best idea. If you have a real parasite, see a doctor.