Detox to Break Your Food Addictions

Some of us drool over the thought of a hot, chocolate lava cake and a scoop of ice cream while others are more inclined to push it aside for a plate of fries or a steak.  In general, unhealthy, high-fat, high-sugar, or high-sodium foods can be addicting and quite delicious. The more we eat these foods, the more our dependency on them grows. Our body learns to crave bad things which makes living a healthy lifestyle that much harder.

I came across a blog – -that offers suggestions on ways which we can curb our sugar addiction. Although it is geared to those with a sweet tooth, its advice can be used for any negative food habits.

10 Ways to Break Your Sugar Addiction

1. Add self care. Instead of using food or sugar to fill something in your life, turn to another positive activity that will give you a more fulfilling experience. Try knitting over snacking in front of the TV.

2. Keep your blood sugar stable. Eat healthy foods and don’t skip breakfast. Try eating before your blood sugar levels drop and foods rich in fiber will keep you full longer. Don’t let yourself get too hungry so that you make bad diet decisions. (I am so guilty of doing this!)

3. Treat yourself like you’re in detox. Cut out as many bad foods for you as possible. Drink lots of water.

4. Don’t focus on weight loss. Focus on breaking your food bad food habits and making better ones. Natural weight loss will most likely occur, but try not to lose your real focus.

5. Know your true value. You are not your addiction. Many people have sugar cravings or unhealthy habits, and it does not on the account of being lazy or irresponsible. There are several reasons that are complex on why we get addicted to foods.  Picture yourself free from sugar. Believe that you can live a life free from sugar addiction. Focus on healing; not on the problem.

6. Create a supportive environment. Find people who will help you stay on track. This may mean avoiding your drinking buddy for awhile. Fill your environment with healthy snacks.

7. Be a detective. Give yourself time to experiment. Use your body as a guinea pig: what foods make you feel good? What foods make you feel bad?

8. Give up fake sugars. Diet sodas that have aspartame, Nutrasweet,  or Splenda, and even low carb sugar products (protein bars that are “low sugar”) don’t quell sugar cravings, but increase them. A study at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio found that a person’s risk for obesity went up a whopping 41% for each daily can of Diet soda.

9. Just start over whenever you slip and fall. It’s hard not to get discouraged whenyou have a slip-up. Don’t let it snowball. Comntinue from that point and stay healthy.

10. Forgive yourself. We are all imperfect. If you have food issues, offer yourself self-acceptance.

These are some suggestions in which you can help guide yourself to better health. Breaking your food addiction through healthy habits and body cleansing foods is just one of many steps that can lead you to a happier, healthier you.