How to Use BHA Cleanser

There are a plethora of acne treatments available and they range from the really efficient to the completely useless. You see them all over, on the web and in the shops. How do you know which one to pick? Action: Look at Your Acne What type of acne do you have? Is it moderate, moderate, […]

Men Need a Facial Cleanser to Balance Face

All men need to consider using a different forms of soap for their face. The traditional bar soap gets the job done. But, that is not the only thing. Bar soap can actually cause your skin more harm then good. Bar soap strips away the skin that wants to stay young. Chemicals built in soap […]

Do you need to cleanse parasites away?

If you’ve ever researched for a body cleanse, you may have come across the statistic that 85% of people have parasites whether they realize it or not. The solution? A whole body cleanse to get rid of these harmful microorganisms hiding out in your intestines and guts. Sound frightening? Or maybe it just sounds plain […]

Detox to Break Your Food Addictions

Some of us drool over the thought of a hot, chocolate lava cake and a scoop of ice cream while others are more inclined to push it aside for a plate of fries or a steak.  In general, unhealthy, high-fat, high-sugar, or high-sodium foods can be addicting and quite delicious. The more we eat these […]

Juice Recipes for Body Cleansing

For those who are taking the path to optimal health, detoxing your body is often one of the best choices. But for those of us who want better health and are not quite ready to commit to a detox diet, some delicious juice recipes may be all we need! Ginger and pear juices are known […]

Staying Organic Despite the Price

Organic food is noticeably more expensive than buying regular groceries. Many people see eating organic as a status symbol and a sort of food elitist type of snobbery. But shopping at Whole Foods or other organic stores isn’t about looking eco-friendly as much as it is about quality and health. Knowing your foods are free […]

Probiotics help weight loss?

Probiotics are microorganisms that help your body maintain its balance by supporting healthy bacteria. These little organismas live in our gut and intestines.  Theycan be found in supplement form at your local health store, and most nutritionists and doctors agree that these supplements can be quite good for your system. An article from Yahoo! Health […]