Can’t Sleep?

What is the worst case scenario?

You have anxiety about work, your boss is being secretive and you’re starting to sense that job security isn’t so secure.

Or, your spouse is tired all the time – you are too – but . . .

There are so many reasons you may not be getting healthful sleep. And then what happens? You get less sleep and you get anxious about getting too little sleep.

The problem gets exacerbated. It’s not your fault, you need to get more rest!

How do you get more rest though when you have very real challenges?

Did you know that what you eat plays into your sleep pattern?

Sure, you might know that a coffee before bed isn’t the best idea for you, but what about the pasta or the steak? Does it matter when you eat those? Does digestion affect your sleep?

It sure does!

Surprised? I was too!

Here’s a quick clip from George DeJohn (International Health and Fitness radio program) and Dr. Webster sleep.

Did you hear the part when they mentioned wrinkles?

Not only were you anxious because you can’t sleep but now you have to worry about more wrinkles!

You can’t win like this….

George mentions cleansing and Dr. Webster is a big fan of burst training. The two together will having you sleeping like a baby in no time.