7. Align Life’s Ultimate Body Cleanse

Align Life’s Ultimate Body Cleanse Review

Overview: The Ultimate Body Cleanse is a detoxification program by AlignLife Nutraceuticals and includes a digestive/immune cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a toxic cleanse, and an Ultimate Body Cleanse Manual. The website lists all ingredients which contain a good amount of important anti-oxidants and nothing artificial. The product claims to be pharmaceutical grade and an all encompassing detox plan.

Advantages: The Ultimate Body Cleanse contains L-cysteine and L-glutathione, two amino acids that act as powerful ant-oxidants and can help in the detoxification process. It differs from other cleanse products as it also contains rice protein which can help build lean muscle mass.

Disadvantages: The website offers little information or explanation about the products and the ingredients listed in them. It is very difficult to find any reviews independent of the site, and even testimonials provided are not very thorough.

Length of Time of Cleanse: Not specified on site

Price: $223.95 with free shipping

*Bonus: None

Guarantee: 60 Day Guarantee, 100% Money Back even for empty bottles

Verdict: The Ultimate Body Cleanse offers several vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to help in the detoxification process. Although the kit looks promising, too little information is offered which makes purchasing a risk despite the guarantee. It also has a higher price tag yet offers little testimonials.  Due to the lack of information, be hesitant before purchasing this cleansing kit.