5. Puristat’s Colon and Liver Cleanse

Puristat’s Colon and Liver Cleanse Review

Overview: This body cleanse, from Abbot Industries, comes in 3 different variations: mild, moderate, and advanced. For those who have never cleansed before, the mild option consists of a 21 Day Colon/Liver Cleanse, 30-Days Digestive Enzymes, 30-Days Probiotics, and 30-Days Digestive Nutrients. Moderate holds the same supplements but the colon/liver cleanse is extended to 28 days. At the advanced level, the colon/liver cleanse lasts 35 days. The products comes in the form of vitamins or capsules with no drinks or powder mixes. All ingredients are natural and listed on the Puristat website. Purchase of the product also includes additional RRN nurse support, dietary directions, a dietary fiber chart, and Top 10 digestion tips.

Advantages: The website gives thorough information on product ingredients and aims to educate the customer on colon cleansing. The product includes probiotics which is a step above other kits and good for the support of healthy bacteria in the body. Puristat is a well-known brand and offers 100% money back guarantee.
Disadvantages: The colon cleanser contains Cascara Sagrada which is not suitable for all. The reviews from independent sites have been positive in terms of the colon cleanse, but not many reviews on the colon and liver cleanse combination can be found.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 21-35 Days
Price: $114.95 – $154.95
*Bonus: None
Guarantee: 45 Day Guarantee

Verdict: The Puristat website is informative and offers testimonials. Although it states that its main purpose is to help detoxify and cleanse the system, many of the testimonials have also reported weight loss. The colon and liver cleansing kit contains not only cascara sagrada, but also buckthorn and rhubarb root with no warning label. These herbs are not suitable for all and can have adverse reactions if used for a prolonged amount of time. Puristat also recommends cleansing the colon, the liver, and then the colon again which seems a bit aggressive for an internal cleansing and unnecessary. When using the product, it is hard to distinguish the supplements and vitamins from those that can be bought at a health store. It is not clear if Puristat’s vitamins and capsules provide more health and anti-oxidant support than general supplements. Overall, Puristat seems to offer fair quality products with positive reviews.