3. Dr. Natura’s Colonix and Toxinout

Dr. Natura’s Colonix and Toxinout Kit Review

Overview: This is a long-term cleanse and meant to be a slow process. Through healthy diet and supplements, Dr. Natura’s Colonix aims to rid the colon of years of toxic build-up. The colon cleanse is the first step in whole body detoxification and includes fiber supplements, detoxifying herb capsules, and herbal tea to help with regularity. Toxinout is to be used after the colon cleanse and includes liver detox support, supplements which have anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and green phytofoods, as well as a probiotic supplement. These three supplements together help to remove toxins out of the body’s other vital organs and aid in the detoxification process. Toxinout is meant to be used long-term and on a daily basis.

Advantages: The two kits combined provide for a comprehensive detoxification package. Also, Dr. Natura’s Colonix kit has the most testimonials, reviews, and public forum discussions of all other colon or body cleanse products making it a respected and known brand.
Disadvantages: Reviews about the taste of the fiber supplement in the Colonix kit have been negative and customers find it at times to be clumpy and hard to swallow. The whole cleansing process can be very slow and take a few months.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 1-3 months for Colonix, Up to 6 months or longer for Toxinout
Price: $140.80 ($88 for Colonix Kit and $52.80 for Toxinout kit)
*Bonus: The more Colonix Kits purchased at one time, then the larger the discount. Buy 2 kits for $69.00, and 3 kits for $59.00.
Guarantee: 60 Day Guarantee

Verdict: Dr. Natura is a very well-known name when it comes to colon cleanses and offers thousands of testimonials on its products. Its website also offers graphic images of “mucoid plaque” strewn across toilets, but again, the validity of such a substance existing and harming our bodies has never been proven by doctors. One of the key ingredients in the colon cleanse is Metamucil which causes a congealing effect in the body and is meant to pull at the walls of our colon to help eliminate toxins. It is possible to have the same snake-looking waste come out of our bodies from using this cleanse, but it is not proven that this is indeed from years of build-up in our system or from the product itself. The 2 kits together do offer great anti-oxidant and supplement supports, and so can still be beneficial for health. Just take note that the gunk exiting your body may not have actually been existing there in the first place.