21 Day Body Makeover

Want to Supercharge your Get Healthy efforts? Boost Fat Loss?

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The elimination of toxins is crucial for anyone who is trying to lose fat fast and keep it off after the 21 day full body cleanse!! Your body stores excess toxins in your body fat. As your body begins to burn this fat the toxins are released back into your system. There are six main benefits with this program:


  • End cravings for negative food/soda/caffeine
  • Fat loss (by burning fat – not muscle)
  • Sustained energy during the day
  • Balanced hormones
  • Great night’s sleep
  • Increased good mood

The 30 day Ultimate fat loss program was devised by a couple of America’s top trainers. You will receive an outline with pictures showing proper form and technique of certain exercises with your program when you order in addition to the supplements and eating protocol.

These exercises work the entire body showing proper form and technique which is often performed improperly that can lead to injury and lack results when trying to attain your goals. When results are not produced a lack of motivation soon follows. Since improper form results in not working the muscles in their path of motion the muscle does not respond the way we want it to.

George personally made sure this program will help you to attain your fat loss goal safely. In addition to changing the muscle to fat ratio the correct, safe way, and without becoming bulky.


LIVE RIGHT MULTI VITAMIN Live Right Multi was designed to provide nutrients that are difficult to obtain in the typical daily diet, such as 400 UI of non synthetic mixed tocopherol Vitamin E (not just alpha tocopherol), 200 mcg of selenium, 400mcg of chromium, 500 mg Vitamin C and 800 mcg non-synthetic folate. Calcium and magnesium were purposely left out due to the fact that they should be taken separately to provide meaningful doses.

Twice Daily Multi


Our new adrenal product Stress No-More now more than ever meets the needs of people looking for support in their stress full, busy lives. Stress is not always bad, but let’s face it we ALL are busy and we don’t give out body the optimal time it needs to recuperate as frequently.

Stress No-More can help you manage the symptoms of daily chronic stress.

Most common benefits are:

  • Fat loss
  • Increased energy
  • Nutrient retention
  • Protect you from fat gain
  • Less Fatigue
  • Save nutrients wasted by stress
  • Less irritability
  • Guard your brain from stress
  • Loss of Water Retention
  • Help you manage stress better