2. Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit

Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit Review

Overview: The Internal Cleansing Kit includes 13 quality herbal formulas, an in-depth Users Guide and Dosage Calendar, and other accessories such as a Jar Shaker to help in the cleansing process. All products are organic and free from artificial ingredients.  This is meant to be the second part in a whole body cleanse and followed after the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleansing Kit.  The main aim of this kit is to detoxify the intestines, liver, lungs, gallbladder, kidneys, lymph, blood, and skin. The cleanse includes probiotics which helps to balance the body by adding good bacteria to you system. It also adds anti-oxidants to help in the detoxifying process.

Advantages: The internal cleansing kit is comprehensive and aims to rejuvenate the entire body after a colon cleanse. It provides several herbs and remedies to aid in the process.
Disadvantages: The kit is very complex with specific instructions and resembles an apothecary set. It may be difficult to follow a cleanse without much interference to daily activities, and in order to do a complete body cleanse, the colon cleanse kit and internal cleanse kit is needed. Fasting is also recommended for the colon cleansing kit which can be very difficult for most.

Length of Time of Cleanse: 24 days for Internal Cleanse, 9 Days for Colon Cleanse
Price: $275.00
*Bonus: With a purchase of the Internal Cleansing Kit, Blessed Herbs is offering its 9 Day Colon Cleanse Kit for free which is valued at $89.50.
Guarantee: 90 Day Guarantee.

Verdict: Blessed Herbs is a family-run business and its website gives off very clear and informative facts on how to cleanse as well as how its products’ ingredients aid in the process. Testimonials on its website gives positive reviews provided with graphic images of waste and “mucoid plaque”. Please note the existence of mucoid plaque has not been confirmed by medical practitioners as legitimate.  The cleanse does use bentonite clay which is absorbent and expandable. With the use of psyllium, another ingredient in the cleanse kit, it can form a rubbery looking cast of the intestines, and thus stringy, long stools can result from use of the products (and as seen in pictures on the website).  The kit is a bit pricey and very complex to follow. Blessed Herbs is good for those who have time and dedication to complete both cleansing kits as well as an interest in using a variety of wild herbs as a natural remedy. For those looking to do an easy to follow kit without the mess of “mucoid plaque”, Blessed Herbs may not be the best choice.